A family business since 1952

Established in 1952, Cardinal Paint & Powder draws on more than 60 years of experience.  A leader in the manufacture of high quality coatings, we offer a wide range of liquid and powder coating systems. These were developed to meet and exceed the most demanding performance and emission standards. Cardinal’s reputation is based upon our dedication to solving customers coating challenges. From facilities across North America and Asia, we are ready to provide the solution to your coating challenges.



Cardinal Established

1952 - Cardinal Established

Marvin Ekstrom founded Cardinal Industrial Finishes based upon the premise that since most things were painted, paint would be a profitable product to manufacture.

Aerosol Production Begins

1962 - Aerosol Production Begins

Cardinal began producing aerosol spray cans after the company purchased Perma-Pak.

Cardinal San Jose

1983 - Cardinal San Jose

Cardinal 2, the first facility outside of southern California, was opened in San Jose.

Cardinal Acquires High Performance

1986 - Cardinal Acquires High Performance

Cardinal acquired High Performance, a leader in water based paint technology.

Cardinal Opens First Powder Production Facility

1987 - Cardinal Opens First Powder Production Facility

Cardinal began producing powder coatings when the Stimson facility in the City of Industry was opened.

Stanley Ekstrom becomes President of Cardinal

1988 - Stanley Ekstrom becomes President of Cardinal

The presidency of Cardinal was passed from father to son when Marvin appointed Stan as the new president of the company.

Cardinal Opens Washington Facility

1993 - Cardinal Opens Washington Facility

Cardinal's expansion continued with the opening of Cardinal 8 in Washington.

Powder Production moves to Don Julian Facility

1999 - Powder Production moves to Don Julian Facility

Powder production moved from the 23,000 sq ft Stimson facility to the 107,000 sq ft Don Julian facility.

Stanley Ekstrom Passes

2015 - Stanley Ekstrom Passes

Stanley W. Ekstrom passed away on August 20th, 2015.

Moving Forward

2016 - Moving Forward

After the passing of Stanley W. Ekstrom, Cardinal is moving boldly into the future.

The Cardinal Team

  • President of Cardinal Paint and Powder Inc.

  • Director of Powder Coating

  • Executive Officer

  • Liquid Plant Manager

  • Director of Operations

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Director of Sales

  • National Sales Manager

  • Northern California Lead Sales Representative

  • Pacific Northwest Coast Lead Sales Representative

  • Midwest Lead Sales Representative

  • East Coast Lead Sales Representative

What sets us apart

Liquid Powder Solutions

Cardinal is ready to supply both liquid and powder coatings to our customers. We're able to formulate products that complement one another and meet customer application requirements. With the added bonus that Cardinal can provide in-house testing to ensure compliance.

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Test Reports

Cardinal rigorously tests our products to ensure that they meet the required level of performance. The testing battery includes salt spray resistance, UV resistance, and flame spread testing. We make the results of these tests available so our customers can select the best coating for their specific project.

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