Concrete is a mixture of Portland cement and different sized aggregate. Used primarily in the construction industry, cement has a wide variety of uses. Cardinal has developed a range of coatings that will allow you to change its color and appearance.

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  • Adhesion Promoters

    • Glass Adhesion Promoter

      W-805 A+B

      Cardinal's W-805-A has been formulated to be applied by wiping the mixed coating onto glass. This material enhances adhesion to glass substrates. Read More
      Typical Uses
      • Glass substrates
      • Fast dry
      • Easy to apply
      • RoHS / WEEE Compliant
  • Specialty Finishes

    • Two-Component Clear Concrete Sealer

      7759-CLE18396 Series

      Cardinal's 7759-CLE18396 is formulated to be applied to concrete as a sealer coating prior to top coating with two component epoxy floor coating. Read More
      Typical Uses
      - Concrete flooring
      - Heavy duty equipment
      - Fast dry
      - Low V.O.C. content
      - Easy to apply
      - RoHS / WEEE Compliant
    • Two-component Epoxy Gray Floor Coating

      7708-77638 Series

      Cardinal's 7063-77638 is a light gray high solids two-component high build modified cycloalaphatic amine cured epoxy coating designed to meet strict air quality regulations. This coating meets the VOC limits for industrial coatings limits of 2.00 pounds per gallon (250 grams per liter). The 7708-77638 is suited for surfaces that cannot be blasted but still require excellent corrosion and chemical resistance. Read More
      Typical Uses
      - Concrete Flooring
      - Chemical Plants
      - Structural Steel Components
      - One coat protective finish
      - Low VOC – 250 grams / liter.
      - Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance.
      - Suited for surfaces that cannot be blasted.
      - RoHS & WEEE Compliant

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The type of substrate that you’re looking to coat will play a huge role in deciding which coating will work best.  Each has its own particular challenges that need to be addressed if the coating is to work.  We've a wide range of high quality products so customers can make the right choice when picking a coating for any type of substrate.

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