No two applications are identical and sometimes a standard formula requires modification. Our range of additives is available to make this modification process possible. This is a valuable option for our customers.


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  • Polyurethane Accelerator 1.5% Active


    Accelerator for the 6400 Series and 6800 Series High Solids Polyurethane coating to be used for reducing dry time.
  • Polyurethane Accelerator 5% Active


    Accelerator for the 6400, 6600 and some 6700 series high solids polyurethane
    coatings to be used for reducing dry time.
  • Anti Crater and Leveling Additive


    Cardinal’s 6SLA-200 is a Flow and Anti-Crater additive designed for use in our 6S00, 6100, 6200, 6300, 6400 and 6700 series two component Polyurethanes. 6SLA-200 lowers surface tension which improves the surface properties at the substrate –coating interface. Read More
    Typical Uses
    • Anti-Crater additive
    • Flow additive
    Easy incorporation
  • Retarding Solvent


    Slow Acetate Reducer

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The type of substrate that you’re looking to coat will play a huge role in deciding which coating will work best.  Each has its own particular challenges that need to be addressed if the coating is to work.  We've a wide range of high quality products so customers can make the right choice when picking a coating for any type of substrate.

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